UK NGESO to Solve Solar Energy Dilemma with Open Climate Fix’s AI

Non-profit Open Climate Fix’s deal of creating an AI powered tracking system has now been signed by UK’s National Grid Electricity System Operator (NGESO). The tracking system can forecast cloud movements by minutes and hours instead of days. The AI can improve solar forecasting accuracy by 50% as its predictions match the solar panels’ exact locations.

The project is funded by Ofgem, UK’s energy regulator and commenced last August and is expected to attain completion within 18 months.

Solving The Solar Dilemma

The unpredictability of solar and wind energy makes maintaining the balance of supply and demand for the country’s electricity grid, much harder for NGESO. As an approach to solving this problem, the ability of Open Climate Fix’s machine-learning model to read satellite images and recognize where and how the clouds will move, will provide accurate solar and wind forecasts.

NGESO’s head of Innovation Strategy and Digital Transformation Carolina Tortora, said that accurate forecasts are significantly important for weather-dependent energy generation. Especially when they are dealing with solar and wind as a way to operate a low carbon electricity system.

Ms. Tortora added that in being confident with the accuracy of the solar and wind forecasts, they can let fossil fuel remain idle, as there will be more certainty in generating green energy produced by the sun and wind.