While In the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, businesses need to stay robust so they can bolster stakeholders’ faith in their bankability as an investment option.

As various companies face challenges presented by the Covid-19 crisis, many are operating through employees carrying out tasks using collaboration and remote-working technologies. However, those at the helm of operations should make sure that causes for disruptions are minimized and resolved at the soonest possible time. That way, once the public health crisis is over, only minor issues, if nothing at all, would hold them back from re-establishing their former position in the world of business.

Fortunately, a lot of major providers of business technologies have stepped up to offer free use of solutions, applications and tools. Their offers are extended to new and existing clients as a means that will permit them to continue operation without the burden of incurring additional costs.

ServiceNow is one of the major tech companies that took the initiative to offer free applications to help companies stay strong in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. ServiceNow CIO Chris Bedi remarked that

”it is in times like this when everyone needs to come together and help.”

ServiceNow Free Apps to Help Governments and Businesses Monitor Health of Their Workforce

ServiceNow, is a company offering cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) to help improve a company’s ability to optimize workflows, and at the same time provide all forms of technical support and IT management functions.

Recently this company released 4 applications purposely dedicated to assist various U.S. government offices and agencies, as well as private companies, in monitoring not only the workflow status of their employees. The great news is that ServiceNow is releasing it for use, free of charge to old and new clients, up to the end of September 2020

Unlike other major tech companies that are offering remote-working software and collaboration and tele-conferencing tools, ServiceNow’s free applications enable government agencies and companies to respond to the health emergencies presented by the pandemic.

Actually, one of the four applications was developed by ServiceNow for the Washington State Department of Health. The app has been released as free tools for use of other government entities, business organizations and institutions for an indefinite period of time.

The government-donated app through ServiceNow’s cloud platform handles digitisation processes aimed at eliminating the tediousness of making resource allocations immediately visible, as a means of improving responses to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

The three other ServiceNow applications, namely: “Employee Outreach,” “Employee Exposure Management” and “Employee Self Report” mainly involve enabling employers to confirm the health status of employees while working at home or in a remote location.

The “Employee Outreach” app facilitates an employer’s inquiry in confirming the geographical location and safety of their employees. The “Emergency Self Report” app, on the other hand, comprises a workflow as a means for employees in providing updates to their respective employers while under self-quarantine measures..

The third, which is deemed as the most important of the three ServiceNow free apps, is the “Emergency Exposure Management (EEM).” Mainly because the EEM app addresses a situation in which an employee has been tested positive of the Covid-19 disease.

Through the EEM app’s features, employers will be able to identify those who have had recent contact with the Covid-19 positive employee, by reviewing the latter’s history of assignment locations and meetings.